There is a central dam style swimming pool within a short driving distance from the chalets, available to all guests for those hot summer days. Bird watching and game viewing is possible right from your patio while enjoying a sundowner.

In the evenings you can listen to the call of the jackals in the distance while you stargaze and enjoy a braai around the boma fire. If you are lucky, and pay close attention, you may even be lucky enough to see wildlife right at your doorstep!

As we are unfenced from the rest of the reserve, NO walking is permitted on the property or in the bush, and we ask that guests must please be very attentive outdoors during their stay and to refrain from wandering outside the boundaries of their chalet.


Activities nearby:

  • Electric Scooter Game Drives & Cycling/Mountain Bike Trail at Almega Karavaan Park (2.9km) - Johan Geyser 082 452 0269 – advance bookings essential
  • Zuri Spa at Mangwa Valley Lodge (8.1km) - 012 711 4348/012 711 4349
  • Microlight flights (over Dinokeng) - Johan van der Merwe 083 544 7042


Nearby shops:

  • Safari Mall (2km - Fuel station, bottle store, butchery, coffee shop & convenience store) – 083 336 4326
  • Hammanskraal Renbro Spar complex (±15km – outside of Dinokeng Game Reserve, opposite side of N1 offramp)


Nearby Restaurants in the Reserve:


  • Guided Game Drives – Bookings can be made by phoning 082 921 5345. Game drives can be arranged starting from your chalet.
  • Dinokeng Self-drive Route – Permits are available from the Dinokeng Reserve office, but also directly from the entrance to the self-drive route (on the Dewagendrift road, 6km from Adama’s gate). For more information, or to inquire about permits and costs, please contact the reserve’s office: 012 711 4391 or or

About Dinokeng Game Reserve for more info

Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve is the first free-roaming Big 5 residential game reserve in Gauteng – and probably in the world – next to an urbanized area. It is a private/public initiative for which planning and development started in the early 2000’s. It is also very unique in that all landowners still independently own their properties, and although there are indeed some properties who opted not to be a part of the reserve, most have been incorporated. The reserve’s office manages and oversees the game and wildlife welfare within the reserve, as well as being responsible for the ecology, marketing and the security of the reserve, and their Information Office operates as a booking and information agent on behalf of some of the private establishments who have signed up with them for promotion, but all properties and venues within the reserve are managed independently.

It is important that guests must ensure NOT to drive on any roads which are not indicated as general access/servitude roads AND NOT to divert from the self-drive route map, indicated by markers, when being in possession of a valid and displayed permit.